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Massage salon at nishijin in fukuoka.

Massage shop close to Nisijin station. We offer Japanese seitai, massage, reflexology, oil massage etc. If you have problem with you body, visit us please. Some of us speak english.


First visit
Body Massage 60 min  4,950 yen → 4,200 yen
                                   90 min  7,500 yen → 7,000 yen

Seitai                      60 min 5,500 yen  →    5,000 yen

Oil massage       90 min 9,900 yen  →     7,500 yen
                              120 min 13,200 yen → 12,000 yen
Body and reflexology
 Reflexology 45 min + Body massage  75 min  120 min total         9,800yen
​ Reflexology 45 min + Body massage  40 min  85 min total         7,000yen
​ Reflexology 30 min + Body massage  60 min  90 min total         7,500yen
                                                                                                                                         *You can use those coupons only once.


LINE account is available.  You can add us by QR code and let us know date, what time, course which you want to take please. 
Phone 092-834-5205

Relaxation salon ROSA ROSSA Nishijin.



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